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Cloudiploma is an online editor to make several certificates at once

We have lived the pain by ourselves

In the past, working voluntarily for NGO’s we had the concurrent task to make award certificates and recognitions for members.

The task was tedious as we had hard times choosing a template or theme for them. It was even harder to make them in Illustrator or Photoshop.

We had to make them using the classic technique of defining variables in Photoshop and running an script. And don’t make me start on when we had to make a simple change in the design and having to export them again.


We want to make your life easier.

By using Cloudiploma, you’ll be able to create in minutes a nice certificate of regonition, certificate of appreciation or even certificates of approval using our certificate maker editor.

Wether you are looking for printable certificates online, or blank certificates, this is your place. Our simple templates are able to use in achievement, participation, graduation, course ending, award, appreciation certificates.

Feel free to suggest anything so we can be better :).